New display device and some improvements

Today we offer you some improvements and a new display device.

The improvements are:

  • addition of 12 and 24 bars recording lengths via l4lX tags.
  • new parameter STOP_ALL_PLAYING_CLIPS_WHEN_RECORDING_ON_ NEW_SCENE in the config.ini file : set to 1, when a recording is launched on another scene than the one playing, the latter will stop playing.
  • bug fix:
    • the automatic arming of tracks at startup via the ARM_ALL_TRACK_AT_STARTUP parameter was not working: it is now functional, you may have to set this parameter to 0 according to your needs (by default it is 1).
    • a blocking bug if you were using a single track with effects and sends: Ableton was not responding to tempo change actions

New display device:

Do you find that the pedalboard display is too small or that your eyesight (like mine) is suffering from the ravages of time? We offer a free Max for Live device that allows you to display the pedalboard information on a computer screen or tablet. The display is larger and clearer. For example, you can place a tablet with this display in front of the pedalboard like this:

A short video presentation is available at
You will need Max for Live to use this device: Max for Live comes with the Suite version of Live or via an additional license.
You will need to update the Loop4Live remote scripts to the latest version to use the secondary display.

The device and remote scripts are available for download at

See you soon!

New Features – One track effects

We have added several new features directly or indirectly to the pedalboard:

  • The configuration files (config.ini, free_mode_midi_map.ini and Loop4Live_Effects.txt) are now saved at Ableton startup (pedalboard plugged in) under /Users/your username/Loop4Live for MacOs or c:/Users/your username/Loop4Live for Windows.
  • 2 new settings appear in the config.ini file:
    • DISABLE_MUTE to disable the mute button and to be able to use the long press on this button for the new features below.
    • MUTE_LONG_PRESSED_STOP_ALL to stop all playback when the mute button is pressed for a long time (this button can be used when using tags (especially l4lnextsc) if you want the song to stop completely because of a handling error).
  • In effect mode, if only one track in the selection contains effects, all the effects on this track can be manipulated at a given moment with the pedalboard (the effects are not broken down by track).
  • It is now possible to configure and save your config.ini file via the website on the page (you must be authenticated to access it). See page 23 of the new version of the manual.
  • It is now possible to configure the effects (Loop4Live_Effects.txt file) via the website on the page (you must be authenticated to access it). See page 42 of the new version of the manual.
  • Fixed display bug on grouped tracks.
  • Fixed incorrect tempo with l4l tags
  • Display of BPM in scene name on Live 11.
  • Fix bug on reloading parameters via Max4Live plugin.

New Features – Auto Arm / Delete

Here are 2 new features added by the new version of Loop4Live remote scripts available on :

  • Automatic track arming: by setting the AUTOMATIC_ARM parameter to 1 in the config.ini file, it is now possible to arm tracks automatically before launching a recording. It will no longer be necessary to manually arm tracks, Ableton will do it when a recording is launched.
  • Clip deletion : When the AUTOMATIC_ARM parameter is set to 1, pressing and holding the A-B-C-D (track launch) buttons now removes the corresponding clip from the selection (arming via this function is no longer useful as it is done automatically).

See you soon!

Bug Fix

You may have noticed some unwanted behavior when using the expression pedals in Effect Mode. We have corrected this in the latest version of the remotes scripts available at:
Remember to save your configuration scripts in the remote scripts folder before overwriting them with the latest version.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Features – new tags in scene name

In the continuity of the l4lnextsc tag, we add new features to the navigation in Live with several new tags to be added in the name of the scenes:

  • l4lmovescX: allows to move to scene #X (X to be replaced by a number) when a scene is launched.
  • l4lprevsc : allows to move to the previous scene when launching a scene.
  • l4lignoresc : allows to ignore a scene when moving vertically in the scenes with the up/down buttons.

Go to the download page to get the latest version of the Remote Scripts. Remember to save your current configuration in the config.ini file to transfer it to the new configuration file

New Features – l4lnextsc tag

Change scene automatically with the “l4lnextsc” tag in the scene name when launching the whole scene. This is very useful when you want to stay focused on your instrument and create a short transition in a song.
The “l4lnextsc” tag is also available on the name of the clips to change the scene automatically when launching that specific clip.
The Loop4Live is now able to follow the clips launched by Follow Actions. A video presenting these new features will come soon. Remote scripts with these new features are available at