Loop4Live is a midi footswitch dedicated to Ableton Live® 10 and 11 that offers a new way to control your computer. Loop4Live turns your PC/Mac into a looper station, without the need to access a monitor (or a mouse): All the main features are available on Loop4Live thanks to a large screen, ring leds, 10 footswitches and 5 rotary encoders.



Turn your computer into a loop station.

Navigation within the Ableton Live® 10 and 11 software has been optimized and simplified for remote computer use. It turns into the ultimate hardware looper like those available on the guitarists’ market, with the advantage of having the recordings directly on the computer, in Ableton’s clip grid.

Launch your loops from your computer without access to a monitor.

What you see on Loop4Live is what you get on your computer. Live® and Loop4Live are fully synchronized. Information displayed on Loop4Live screen is the one selected on Live®.

Navigate through your scenes and tracks using 4 dedicated footswitches : left/right and up/down. Launch your favorite backing tracks with one push, record a second or third guitar on your songs : you control your playlist with your foot. And why not a drum loop ? It’s really easy.

Support your creativity.

Launch your loops and samples to follow your training, your arrangement or your band on stage. Fire your record to create new loops : you can then rearrange your work on the computer to create a whole song. Why not share this work to let your band hear this wonderful new song ? Records are stored on the computer : an automatic synchronization in the cloud offers access for different people or for a second computer used in rehearsal, or in live !

The power of Ableton Live® under your foot.

Live® is a great sequencer specialized in live performances. Initially designed for DJs, Loop4Live foot controller now extends to guitar players. A great feature of Ableton Live® is its capability to handle your sample synchronized with the beat : Just fire your loop before you want the real launch or record, Live® then takes care of everything. Ableton Live® is also able to embed VST plugins like Guitar Rig 6® : model your sound as you wish.

Don't be afraid, it's really simple. You don't need to know Ableton Live® : Manual explains all you need in within minutes.


Jacob Moth
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"Over the last decade I have systematically evolved a way of playing concerts, where I in the "here and now” spontaneously compose and orchestrate multilayered music for up to 6 hours straight. With both hands on my 19-stringed Butterfly Guitar, I have...
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3 weeks ago
Jakub Jenč
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Good and solid build, knobs respond instantly. Ableton syncs immediately. At first I had a problem because Loop4Live did not send MIDI messages, it only received them from Ableton. So I contacted the support and got very quick answers (extremely good tec...
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6 months ago
Eveline S.
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I have recently bought the loop4live and it is a great device. It is a very solid box and the buttons are very good quality. Configuration is easy with the great manual that is served! The manual is overall great and I can feel it was made with love and d...
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10 months ago

Have all your favorite loops and backing tracks under your foot.

Whether to launch a rhythm guitar to train your solo or a lydian riff to enhance your improvisation, Ableton Live® offers a clear organisation of your audio files : a line of the clip grid is a song (current selection on Loop4Live), columns are the tracks where you select inputs of your instrument (Loop4Live handles 4 of them at a time).

The 4 samples (named clips in Live®) surrounded by the red rectangle are the ones currently selected by Loop4Live. You can then go over clip matrix with the navigation footswitches. Just a drag and drop of a mp3 in the grid and it is available to be launched. Live® allows to read an entire mp3 or just a part you have selected if needed.

Ring leds display status of selected clips.

  • full Blue : clip stopped.
  • full Blue + blinked Red  : playing.
  • full Red : recording.
  • Off : no clip (available for recording).
loop4live ring leds

The wide screen displays all vital information.

  • Current song and the 4 selected tracks and loops properties : samples names, volumes, types.
  • Clips state with specific colors
  • Tempo
  • Measure position

Rotary encoders allow to change volumes and access advanced menus.

  • Tempo menu to easily change BPM and other features.
  • Recording loop length (1 measure, 2 measures, 4 ,…).
  • Metronome On/Off.
  • Create/duplicate scene.
  • Tap tempo.

Automate your preset changes as the song progresses.

Most multieffects are checkable via midi in order to change presets on the fly. Why not leave this job to Ableton Live which can change the current effects according to the position of the song. This way you can keep your focus on your instrument.

Add up to 6 Loop4Live in parallel !

One for the guitarist, one for the bassist, the other for your favorite groopie. Each Loop4Live can control different frames of 4 clips. And why not right side of Ableton Live® for one member and left side for another one ? Each member will have his free space to record his part. Or perhaps one Loop4Live for audio tracks and the other for midi tracks ? Many possibilities are imaginable. You can use your usual control surfaces, they will be synchronized with Loop4Live actions.

  • Have the simplest interface to keep concentrated on your music.
  • Free your hands in order to keep them on your instrument and not on your mouse.
  • Sitting on your favorite sofa or going on a wild stage: the main point is to be away from your PC/Mac. Loop4Live comes with a 5 meter USB cable, no additional power supply is needed.
  • Allow many sample launches on stage or during your training sessions (such as mp3, a second or third rhythm guitar, a drum beat, or just a one shot synth).
  • Transform Ableton Live® into a loop station (by adding dedicated features such as setting the right tempo at launch and simplifying navigation).
  • Records are placed in clip's matrix (Ableton Live looper function not used)
  • Add a drum instead of a basic metronome, it makes the difference during your jam session. With the simplicity of MT Power Drum Kit® free software, create a new midi drum loop in 5 seconds. All is explained in Loop4Live manual.
  • Remotely launch records (input line on computer needed).
  • Your bassist or your drummer is not available ? Replace him with Loop4Live 🙂
  • Looper features in general :
    • Be able to quickly launch and record samples.
    • Come to your rehearseals with a lot of ideas worked out at home. No lack of inspiration !
  • Warping : Live® is able to keep your riff “in loop”. Press the launch or record button, Live® will take care of launching and stopping it in the correct timing.
  • A clear organization of samples. Live® screen is seen as a matrix with :
    • Scenes (lines of the matrix) which can represent a song or a part of a song (verse, chorus).
    • Tracks (columns of the matrix) which handle “clips” (ie. samples).
  • Create complex song structures with intro and transitions : Samples can be chained to be triggered by each other
  • Powerful tools to work your sound (automation, audio effects, VST, ...)
  • Live® price (Intro version with 8 scenes and 16 tracks).
  • Can separately send a metronome to your drummer to a dedicated output.

Compared to hardware loopers :

  • Add new backing tracks with just a drag and drop. Then arrange them easily in Ableton Live®.
  • A lot of tracks (compared to hardware looper) with names (and not just numbers) : at least 16 to unlimited audio & midi tracks** (depending on Ableton Live® version). No need of overdubbing, you keep control to change each clip separately later.
  • All your records are directly available on your computer : you can then arrange them and share your ideas with your band.
  • Send a metronome click to your drummer on a dedicated output.
  • Easy settings : it’s more comfortable to work on a computer instead of being crooked on a pedal board for settings.
  • Sample name easily changeable on your computer and not with rotary encoder.
  • The possibility to record with several people at the same time and on the same computer.

Compared to other controllers :

  • The recordings take place directly in the clip grid. Ableton Live's looper feature is not used because it requires computer access for validation.
  • All information is displayed on the footswitch (screen + light rings). No more need to access the monitor or the computer mouse.
  • No MIDI settings to make, everything is supplied ready to use.
  • Smoother navigation by adding configurable behaviors (return to the first track on scene change, modification of the global tempo if launching a clip from another scene with a different tempo).


Loop4Live features

Launch a drum, a rhythm guitar, a midi loop or a single sample. All will be synchronized on the beat !

A wide screen to quickly know your position in the loop.

Ring leds to show the state of selected tracks

Ring leds with dual colors to show the state of selected tracks (playing, recording, stopped, empty).

Navigate into the grid with 4 dedicated switches to control unlimited tracks **

Drive Ableton Live® 10 and 11 with your foot.

Use a drum loop instead of a basic metronome, it’s so easy ! We provide you free drum samples.

scene and record modes

Scene mode to launch and stop all tracks in one click. Record mode to create loops and save your work*.

Up to 6 Loop4Live plugged.

Compatible with PC and Mac

Compatible with PC and Mac.

Plug an expression pedal to control either the volume of the last recorded sample or the controller of your choice in Ableton®.

loop4live minimal setting

To have a first experience with Loop4Live, you’ll only need a computer installed with Ableton Live 10 or 11 (Lite version is working). The computer needs to have an audio interface to play samples. If you do not plan to record, you don’t need an audio input.

Minimal settings :

  • Mac :
    • OS X 10.11.6 or later 64-bits
    • Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor 64-bits
    • 4 GB RAM
    • Audio speakers
    • Ableton Live  10 or 11 installed
  • Windows :
    • Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8 or Windows 10 64-bit
    • 64-bit Intel® Core™ or AMD multi-core processor
    • 4 GB RAM
    • Audio speakers
    • Ableton Live 10 or 11 installed

Recommended setting :

  • Mac :
    • OS X 10.11.6 or later (64-bit only)
    • Intel® Core™ i5 processor or faster
    • 8 GB RAM
    • Audio speakers
    • Audio input
    • Ableton Live  10 or 11 installed
  • Windows :
    • Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8 or Windows 10 (64-bit only)
    • 64-bit Intel® Core™ or AMD multi-core processor
    • 8 GB RAM
    • External audio interface with audio speakers and an audio input
    • Ableton Live 10 or 11 installed

This setting add capabilities to record your instrument. You will need an audio interface with an input. This input will capture either a multi-effect output or a microphone in front of your amp. Depending of your setting, you could also plugged your guitar directly on your audio interface.

Ultimate setting :

  • Your bend
  • Your talent


Keep in mind :

  • You will need a computer with Ableton Live® 10 or 11 !
  • If playing with a band, drummer will have to play with a headphone to be in rhythm with computer samples

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* via Ableton Live® and an audio interface

** depends on Ableton Live® package : 16 audio & midi tracks available in Ableton Live® Intro