Or should I say “about me.” I’m alone in this adventure. A computer engineer for more than 15 years and a graduate in electronics, my main passion is the guitar. Frustrated by possibilities offered by hardware loopers, I decided to create my own device. I was really impressed by Ableton Live software with its capability to make a sample synchronized with the tempo : all that was left to do was to create the vector to drive it by foot : Loop4Live is born !

I now have a mega looper where I can store my loops for composition, all the backing tracks my teacher provides, whether it’s modes or songs we’re working on. Also, I am part of a musical trio. I found that our songs sometimes lacked depth: I can now easily add a rhythmic scratch, even in concert.

If you have any questions, I am at your disposal at [email protected].

Here is my guitar setting and workshop:

I hope you will find all you need with Loop4Live !