We explain all the parameters of the config.ini file allowing you to customize Loop4Live and their influence on Ableton Live.

We explain everything you need to know about the Free Mode: from track monitor to full customization and control of the Looper plugin.

Easily launch live transitions while keeping your focus on your instrument. We explain you how to do it with the use of the l4lnextsc tag and the Follow Actions. (sorry about my accent 🙂 )


Loop4Live News
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Loop4Live News

All Loop4Live News (Remote Scripts update, new features, ...) will come here. You can subscribe to this forum to get latest news.
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Creator of Structure VOID, Julien Bayle gave me very precious information for the realization of Loop4Live.
Julien is a multidisciplinary artist, teacher and Ableton Certified Trainer. Structure Void is the most flexible legal structure for everything concerning art & technology creation.
They provide courses and consulting on these creation environments :

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Create a all in one PC to simplify installation during rehearsals and shows.

The PC will have a touch screen inside it (all necessary information will be displayed on Loop4Live screen after startup), an audio interface and a headphone amplifier for the drumer. Just plug power supply, connect it to the mixing console, plug your Loop4Live, launch Ableton Live and you are ready to play.
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No pretension, Red Red Panda offers good rock!

Listen to Radiostar
Listen to Betrayal
Listen to Down On Your Knees