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New Features : EXCLUSIVE_RECORDING, OVERDUB, AUTO_CHANGE_SCENE_BPM, l4lreloadconfig tag and configurations location

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Aurélien BENOIT
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We introduce some new features to the Loop4Live remote scripts :


1. Three new parameters are now available in the config.ini file:

  • EXCLUSIVE_RECORDING: When this parameter is set to 1, only one clip
    will be able to record at any given time. When you start recording on a slot while another clip is recording, the latter will stop recording and the clip will start playing while the first clip is recording. This makes it easy to chain recordings between 2 tracks. If you wish to record on several tracks simultaneously, set this parameter to 0.Thanks to Thomas for this great idea 🙂
  • OVERDUB: When this parameter is set to 1, the end of a midi clip recording will switch to the overdub stat e . When set to 0, no overdub will apply and the midi clip will switch to play status after the recording.
  • AUTO_CHANGE_SCENE_BPM: When set to 1, the tempo or signatures changes on the song will update the tempo and signature of the selected scene properties (in scene name for Ableton Live 10 and 9, in properties for Live upper than 10.


2. The new tag l4lreloadconfig placed in a clip name allows to reload all the configuration (config.ini, effects and free mode) when the clip is launched, without the need to restart Ableton.


3. Loop4Live configuration files (config.ini, Loop4Live_Effects.txt and free_mode_midi_map.ini) can now be moved from the remote scripts directory, to avoid losing them during updates. Remote scripts will first read configuration files in the "HOME" folder: this folder can be found under /Users/your user name/Loop4Live for MacOs or c:/Users/your user name/Loop4Live for Windows. If no configuration is present under "HOME", the files in the remote scripts folder will be used.


4. We improved the disarming behavior when auto arming is on (AUTOMATIC_ARM=1) : The disarming is now applied when a clip stops recording.


You need to update your remote scripts to benefit from these features:


See you soon!

Posted : 10/03/2024 2:30 pm